Transform Patient Acquisition with Psycle Health

Transform Patient Acquisition
with Psycle Health

Specializing in customized marketing & media solutions for clinics offering innovative mental health treatments.

Specializing in customized marketing & media solutions
for clinics offering innovative mental health treatments.

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Real results from clinics like yours, transformed through Psycle's marketing and media.

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A glimpse into the customized content driving clinic growth.

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Finding the right patients on the right channel and at the right time is key to your clinic’s success. The Psycle Marketing & Complete Packages combine marketing with business development to facilitate automation and lead management – allowing you to directly engage, manage, and convert your ideal patients via organic and paid traffic.

Mental Health Media Package

Create Your High-Converting Ads
  • Track Record: Over 100M Organic Views in the Mental Health Niche
  • Credibility: Highest Followed Mental Health Marketing Page
  • No Long Term Retainers
  • "Done-for-you" Editing & Revisions
  • Optional Content Customization from Your Clinic

Mental Health Marketing Package

Optimize Your Media Buying & CRM
  • Results Driven: Quantifiable KPIs for ROAS & ROI
  • AI Integration: Reduce Lead SMS Response Time
  • Lifecycle Marketing: High-Converting SMS, Email & Call Cadence.
  • Optional Content Customization from Your Clinic

Complete Marketing & Media Package

We'll Create Your High-Converting Ad, Manage Your Media Buying & Optimie Your CRM
  • Quantifiable KPIs for ROAS & ROI
  • Customized, High-Converting SMS, Email & Call Cadence.
  • Optional Content Customization from Your Clinic

Creative Content

Unleash Engaging Content, Maximize Patient Engagement
  • Custom Ad Content: Tailored digital ads and social media content.
  • Video Production: Engaging video ads and testimonials.
  • Branding Alignment: Ensures ad content reflects clinic's brand.
  • Content Analytics: Monthly engagement and conversion reports.

Digital Marketing

Strategize, Target, and Convert: Your Pathway to Growth
  • Strategic Media Buying: Optimized ad placements for maximum ROI.
  • Audience Insights: Targeted audience analysis for precise ad targeting.
  • CRM Optimization: Streamlines patient lead management.
  • Optimization & Reporting: A/B tests and detailed performance analysis.

Psycle Premium

Comprehensive Excellence: From Awareness to Loyalty
  • Full Media & Marketing Suite: Includes all Media and Marketing features.
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy: SEO, content marketing, and PPC campaigns.
  • Advanced Analytics: Cross-channel performance analysis with optimization insights.
  • Dedicated Management: Personal account manager and strategy consultations.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Premium placements and creative collaborations.


Crafting targeted strategies to capture those seeking Ketamine treatments.


Educating through user-generated content, connecting Spravato-seekers to your specialized care.


Bridging the awareness gap, leading TMS-curious individuals right to your doorstep.

The Psycle Mission

The Psycle Mission

Our mission is to address the unique frustrations clinic owners face with typical internet marketing agencies. Instead of broad-brush tactics, we focus on the specific needs of next-gen psychiatry clinics. Our system unifies strategic digital awareness, intuitive lead management through our Psycle CRM, and seamless insurance billing. We develop tailored, treatment-specific pipelines and focus on securing qualified evaluations for your clinic. By managing your online reputation, we not only attract prospects but also nurture their journey into becoming your patients. Psycle is here to alleviate your marketing stress and help you focus on what you do best – provide exceptional psychiatric care.

Psycle is saving clinics hours of work...

and helping thousands of patients

From dramatic reductions in patient coordination time to nearly perfect patient experiences – Psycle is revolutionizing the way next-gen psychiatry clinics generate revenue for their business.

Providing quality care is hard enough…

Let Us Handle The Rest!

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