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How Much Does At-Home Ketamine Therapy Cost?

 At Psycle Health, we recognize the difficulties of navigating at-home ketamine treatment costs and aligning one’s health objectives with financial planning. We understand that finding affordable options for ketamine therapy is a priority for many, and our commitment is to ensure you have the latest, most accurate information to inform your choices.

With various companies vying for attention, we’ve analyzed numerous companies, considering their cost-effectiveness and standard of care to give you a transparent comparison for at-home ketamine therapy.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the overall costs involved with at-home ketamine therapy.
  • Identifying which providers offer the most affordable ketamine treatment options.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of treatment in relation to cost.
  • Exploring payment and assistance options such as HSA/FSA and insurance reimbursement.
  • Analyzing cost-efficiency and value of different ketamine therapy programs.
  • Accessing client testimonials to gauge satisfaction in correlation with price.

Exploring the At-Home Ketamine Treatment Landscape

The Emergence of Ketamine Telehealth

During the pandemic, US lawmakers changed their rules, allowing patients to receive medicines without first seeing a doctor. This remote diagnosis, prescription, and treatment is known as telehealth, and such services have dramatically increased since 2020. 

Ketamine telehealth has particularly been on the rise, with increasing evidence to support its role in mental health. Providers, such as Mindbloom, Innerwell, and Better U, offer virtual diagnostic sessions to determine if those with diagnosable mood disorders may be eligible for ketamine treatment.

If so, patients can receive a postal kit containing ketamine in the form of sublingual lozenges, Spravato nasal spray, or pills. Kits also come with blood pressure monitors to help ensure patient safety, and often journals and eye masks to support those having a psychoactive ketamine journey.   

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Understanding Ketamine Treatment Expenses

When considering at-home ketamine therapy as a method for managing mental health conditions, it’s important to look closely at the associated costs. These costs are not merely about the price of medication; they reflect a comprehensive treatment program that includes professional medical support and the convenience of care at home.

The Components of Ketamine Therapy Cost

The pricing for at-home ketamine therapy involves various elements that comprise the total cost of the treatment. These elements include medical consultations, which often start with an initial assessment to determine suitability for therapy.

Following this assessment, there is the cost per session, which pays for the medication and the professional oversight during the treatment. To support patients through their journey, additional services such as integration coaching are typically offered, creating a well-rounded therapeutic approach.

Is Ketamine Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance companies don’t cover ketamine telehealth since ketamine isn’t yet approved by the FDA and is considered an experimental treatment. However, some companies may cover ketamine telehealth under the conditions a superbill is submitted.

These bills are comprehensive summaries of medical services provided, including procedures, diagnoses, and costs, that can be submitted to insurance companies to reimburse payments for medical care. Additionally, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) could potentially be used to cover the cost, making the treatment an achievable option for those committed to investing in their mental health.

It’s always encouraged to speak with your provider and insurance company to understand all potential payment avenues.

Analyzing At-Home Ketamine Treatment Cost

After researching the top ketamine telehealth providers, we found Better U, Mindbloom, and Innerwell to be some of the best-reviewed companies for providing high-quality ketamine services. Here’s a breakdown of their costs.

ProviderCost Per SessionAdditional Support
Better UPackage #1 4 treatments  Per Session: $149 Total: $ 596 Package #2 8 treatments $ 125 Per Session Total: $996 Offers Payment plans via Affirm & Denifits
MindbloomIntroduction series: 6 treatments $193/session Total: $1,158 Billing:  $386/month for 3 months.Option to save using HSA/FSA

No 3rd party payment plans 
InnerwellPackage #1 8 treatments  Per Session: $137 Total: $1,096 Package #2 24 treatments $88 Per Session Total: $2,112

Billing: $85/week billed monthly for 3 months
Option to save using HSA/FSANo 3rd party payment plans 

When researching which ketamine telehealth provider might be best suited for you, it’s important not to focus just on the cost. A company may have low costs, but you need to consider whether these are compensated by low quality of care. It’s important you thoroughly read trusted reviews of different services and speak to a team member to make sure the service is right for you before signing up. 

Comparative Analysis: Home vs. Clinic Ketamine Infusions

Cost-Benefit Differences Between At-Home and In-Person Ketamine Treatments

On a session-by-session basis, at-home ketamine services are mostly cheaper than in-clinic infusions, and money is saved on travel time and cost. At-home services can also be significantly more convenient than in-person ketamine treatments, with patients scheduling sessions to suit their schedules rather than relying on available treatment times.

Safety and Efficacy Comparison Between At-Home and In-Person Ketamine Treatments 

Though telehealth may be a cheaper and more convenient option for ketamine treatment, there are several concerns about at-home ketamine use safety. Ketamine can be addictive and regular use is a major risk factor for cystisis – inflammation of the bladder. Other long-term complications associated with chronic ketamine use are liver and kidney toxicity and neurological damage.  

Though at-home ketamine services provide low doses that are considered without risk, there have been cases of people becoming addicted to ketamine after starting at-home treatment. As those with mood disorders tend to be at higher risk for substance abuse, this also increases the risk for ketamine addiction. 

Having a ketamine infusion in controlled clinical environments is generally considered much safer as patients are only able to access the drug in the clinical setting, decreasing their likelihood of misusing the drug. The close monitoring and support from an in-person team also means any cardiac, respiratory, or psychological issues that may occur from the treatment can be immediately tended to. 

Research so far generally shows at-home ketamine services to be safe. In a study of 1200 Mindbloom patients, only four dropped out because of adverse effects from ketamine treatment, and fewer than 1% experienced a worsening in symptoms over time. However, bias from this study cannot be ruled out, and evidence to date remains limited.

Graphic comparing the costs of at-home and in-clinic ketamine therapy

 Clinical Success of Telehealth

In the peer-reviewed study of 1200 Mindbloom patients mentioned above,  the research team found patients had significant improvements in anxiety and depression following ketamine telehealth treatment.

The results of the study found ketamine to be:

  • 54% stronger than studies of talk therapy
  • 34% stronger than studies of SSRI antidepressants
  • 17% stronger than studies of IV ketamine

Innerwell also presents a compelling case for the value of at-home treatment with 87% of patients reporting an improvement in depression and anxiety after four weeks of treatment. 

Final Thoughts on At-Home Ketamine Treatment Investments

Reflecting on the journey towards healing, we understand the significance of making informed decisions about at-home ketamine therapy. It’s not just about the financial investment; it’s about evaluating the potential for real transformation in mental well-being.

The stories we’ve encountered, the programs we’ve examined, and the various pricing we’ve compared all underscore the gravity of this choice. As such, we encourage you to review each provider’s offerings carefully, consult with healthcare professionals, and weigh the cost against the promise of a more stable and joyful life.


What is At-Home Ketamine Treatment?

At-home ketamine treatment involves the use of ketamine spray, lozenges, and pills taken in the comfort of one’s own home. Consultations to see if someone is eligible to receive the medicine are conducted via Zoom.

Who Provides At-Home Ketamine Therapy?

Companies such as Better U, Mindbloom, Nue Life, and Innerwell are pioneering providers of at-home ketamine therapy. You can find a list of other services on the Ketamine Clinics Directory.

Is At-Home Ketamine Treatment FDA-Approved and Safe?

Only the use of Spravato for treatment-resistant depression is FDA-approved, and other forms of ketamine treatment for mental health are off-label. There isn’t enough safety and efficacy data to determine whether at-home ketamine is safe, but risks can include substance abuse and cystitis.

What Factors Contribute to the Cost of At-Home Ketamine Therapy?

The cost of at-home ketamine therapy includes medical consultations, the number of sessions, and additional services such as integration coaching. Insurance coverage and payment options like HSAs or FSAs also affect overall expenses.

Does Insurance Cover At-Home Ketamine Therapy?

Typically, at-home ketamine therapy is not covered by insurance, but some providers offer superbills for clients to seek out-of-network reimbursement, and some costs may be eligible for payment via HSA or FSA accounts.

How Do the Costs of At-Home Ketamine Treatments Compare to In-Clinic Infusions?

Costs may vary; but in general at-home treatment sessions are safer than supervised ketamine infusions

What Are Some Affordable At-Home Ketamine Treatment Options?

Options such as Better U’s $100 sessions for returning clients and Mindbloom’s treatment packs, ranging from $99 to $193 per session, offer affordable alternatives for at-home therapy.

What Are Mindbloom’s Payment Options for At-Home Ketamine Treatments?

Mindbloom offers various treatment packages with flexible payment methods, including the capability to use HSA/FSA cards to accommodate different financial situations.

How Do Treatment Plans and Pricing Compare Among Leading At-Home Ketamine Providers?

Providers like Better U, Mindbloom, and Innerwell offer a range of price points and treatment plans to accommodate different budgets and therapeutic needs, with competitive pricing for quality care.

What is the Patient Feedback on the Affordability and Effectiveness of At-Home Ketamine Treatments?

Client testimonials from companies like Better U and Innerwell often reflect positive experiences with affordability and effectiveness, with reported significant reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms.

How Should One Decide if At-Home Ketamine Treatment Is Worth the Cost?

Individuals should consider their mental health needs, review the pricing structures of services offered by various providers, and evaluate the potential benefits versus costs. It is essential to consult healthcare professionals before deciding on ketamine therapy.

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